Useful content: Music in the public domain for use as backing tracks. 

Use this blog as a good sample of how to create a template for blogging that helps emphasize YOUR personality… not just informative, but a way to make you seem like a REAL person.

Interesting Survey on how Photogs utilize social media. 

There may be some paid twitter accounts in the future- offering advanced options to clients. 

You should try to post guest posts on other websites to drive traffic to your blog… here are some great photo sites accepting guest posts. 

Gary Vaynerchuk - My Le Web Keynote


This 20 minute video is worth your time. It’s pure inspiration to “crush it.” If you’re not 100% happy with your job, there’s a lot of time to start a business between the hours of 6pm and 2am.


Gathering of a powerful image per day blog. Consider ‘a photo a day’ as a way to drive traffic to your own blog or twitterfeed. 

Looking for some wordpress themes? These are nice, pretty simple, professional looking. 

WHY we should value ourselves as professional photographers… and what others should appreciate about us.

A rebuttal to To Hell With Personal Branding – this lays it out plain. Personal branding isn’t insincere or pointless, any more than going to a cocktail party and socializing.

For any UK folk out there, the stop-and-search on photographers has be brought to an end.

Standard list, but serves as a good reminder.

Surviving the World - Lesson 425 - Photography
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